Our top 5 strategies to deliver a one-of-a-kind personalized experience to your customers

Personalizing the customer experience is the top strategic priority for brands, followed by acquiring new customers1. This is not surprising, as delivering a personalized customer experience has clear and significant benefits for brands (click here to learn more about these benefits).

How does a brand go about delivering a personalized customer experience? Here are our top 5 strategies to do so:

    1. Product recommendations. Personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s behavior can encourage customers to add more items to their cart.
    1. Offers. Personalized offers that meet a customer’s needs and desires to increase the average order value and improve customer loyalty.  
    1. Email and SMS marketing. Personalized emails and SMS that are tailored to the individual customer to drive engagement. These can be as simple as “Thank You for the specific products you purchased” to “Here are some products we recommend for you” to “Here are some personalized offers we have curated just for you”.
    1. Chatbots and Live Chat. In lieu of in-store employees, you can utilize chatbots, virtual assistants, and live chat to help answer questions and provide support 24 / 7.
    1. User-generated content. One of the greatest drivers of brand loyalty is seeing trustworthy input from fellow customers. Leverage user-generated content by reposting photos, videos, and product reviews from customers, as doing so helps bring your products to life.

At Polymatiks, we enable 2 of the 5 personalization strategies, namely Offers and Emails and SMS marketing. In particular, Polymatiks is the first and only Shopify app that continuously delivers relevant, optimized, and personalized offers to each customer. Polymatiks delivers these personalized offers in a seamless way, whether it’s through a “VIP Offers“, “Exclusive Offers“, or “Private Sale” collection, in a product tile, or in a product page (for more details, click here). 

Moreover, as the Polymatiks app integrates with Klaviyo, the leading email and SMS marketing solution, you can personalize the email and / or SMS sent to each of your customers by incorporating the specific offers awaiting them on your store’s site.

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The best part is, every aspect of the Polymatiks app is customizable, from setting your business objective and offer rules to the look and feel of the customer experience to the content of the personalized offer emails to send!

Want to see how Polymatiks works? Click here to book your demo or email us at info@polymatiks.ai.

1 EverSring and Ascend2


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