Intelligent Pricing.  At Scale.

The world’s most customer-centric brands use Polymatiks’ AI-powered pricing platform to enrich each customer’s shopping experience, reinforcing a continuous circle of customer acquisition, re-engagement, and retention… one price at a time.

Brands trust and use Polymatiks to boost AOV, Conversions, and Sales


A Fully-Integrated Suite of Pricing Solutions

Deliver 3-8% of your revenue directly to your bottom line by developing a holistic regular price strategy and optimizing every product’s price with our AI-powered pricing engine

Boost AOV and sign-ups by delivering an elevated shopping experience with members-only private sale events

Boost AOV (from new & returning customers) and increase sign-ups by delivering personalized offers to each customer in a floating button that lives on any page

Supercharge your AOV and provide a seamless shopping experience by delivering personalized offers to each customer directly in your store theme

Increase sales by enabling pre-purchase checkout upsells and cross-sells personalized to each customer using our proprietary AI-powered predictive engine

Hyper-personalize your marketing emails by continuously synchronizing each customer-specific personalized offer details through custom properties in Klaviyo.


You Make the Rules

Through the Polymatiks platform, you set the rules – from your business objective to your value strategies (e.g., personalized offers, personalized upsells & bundles, etc.) to everything in between.  Once set, sit back and watch Polymatiks unlock the power of your brand… one price at a time.


Plug & Play

Effortlessly unlock AI-backed personalized offers and upsell & cross-sell opportunities out of the box.  No coding or technical expertise required.


Customize Every Detail​

Every aspect of the Polymatiks solution is customizable, from strategy to the look-and-feel in your store, and everything in between.  

Eliminate conflicts, and save site speed

Simplify Your App Stack

A key challenge facing store owners is the app and theme conflicts stemming from having too many apps on their sites.  This results in slowing your site to a crawl and delivering an inconsistent shopping experience.  Polymatiks’ all-in-one platform replaces single-function apps, allowing you to declutter your app stack for good, save your site speed, and deliver a seamless and consistent shopping experience.


Regular Prices

Improve sales, margin, and customer price perception by developing a holistic pricing and optimizing the regular price of each product


Show customers that you know their individual needs and desires through 1) Personalized Offers, 2) Personalized Upsell Bundles, and 3) Members-only Private Sale


Leverage Email PropsTM to continuously sync each customer’s personalized offer details with Klaviyo, allowing you to hyper-personalize every marketing email sent.


Palm Bites increases AOV by 111% for first-time customers and 147% for returning ones.

The gourmet dates and desserts brand used personalized offers to deliver a VIP experience for those customers who have an account.  This strategy significantly increased order values, delivered a one-of-a-kind personalized shopping experience, and drove a serious increase in sign-ups!


What Merchants Are Saying



The only app you need for discounts in your store!


We don’t have very many apps installed in our store, but this one is a cut above the rest. Instead of constantly having to open and close your own coupon codes, this app personalizes specific sales for each customer based on their habits.


If someone is shopping in your store, and then a day later they get a personalized coupon code for the item they were looking at, they are way more likely to purchase. This app has helped our conversion rate enormously.


It integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo which is huge for email marketing and reducing the work of sending out coupon codes to subscribers.


And finally, the support team is great. Any time I have a question, they respond quickly. They hop on calls and walk me through any steps I need help with and will help me interpret the analytics on the dashboard if I have a question.


And, not for nothing, they follow us on social media and regularly engage with our content, which they definitely don’t have to do.


If you are thinking about offering promotions or coupons on your site, definitely use this app and the team. You won’t regret it!

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