Polymatiks & LoyaltyLion Integration

We are excited to announce that Polymatiks is integrated with the LoyaltyLion Loyalty Program.

LoyaltyLion was found in 2012 to tackle one challenge – how to engage and retain customers online.  LoyaltyLion exists to help fast-growth businesses succeed in the age of Amazon by building long-lasting customer relationships. 

Brands using LoyaltyLion can now enrich their loyalty program by establishing a personalized offer strategy tailored to each loyalty program tier.  For example, the personalized offers strategy for the Gold tier is to deliver 30 personalized offers with discounts of up to 30%.  For the Silver tier on the other hand, the personalized offer strategy is to deliver 10 personalized offers with discounts of up to 15%.  In doing so, each loyalty program member within a given tier will receive 1:1 personalized offers to further enrich the privileged relationship that has been developed.  

Let us help you deliver 1:1 personalized offers that reinforce a continuous circle of re-engagement and retention with each of your loyalty program members.


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