Polymatiks & Smile.io Integration

We are excited to announce that Polymatiks is integrated with the Smile Loyalty Program.

Smile.io is one of the world’s largest reward program provider, with over 100 thousand active reward programs and over 100 million participating members.

Brands using Smile can now enrich their loyalty program by establishing a personalized offer strategy tailored to each loyalty program tier.  For example, the personalized offers strategy for the Gold tier is to deliver 5 personalized offers with discounts of up to 20%, yet, for the Silver tier, deliver 3 personalized offers with discounts of up to 15%.  In doing so, each loyalty program member within a given tier will receive 1:1 personalized offers to further enrich the privileged relationship that has been developed.  

After all, why deliver transactional rewards when you can deliver 1:1 personalized offers that reinforce a continuous circle of re-engagement and retention with each of your loyalty program members?


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