1:1 Personalized Offers. Delivered Weekly. 

Based on each individual customer’s path to purchase, purchasing behavior, and product-level willingness to pay, predict which products and corresponding discounts to offer every given week to driven engagement and retention.

Unlock the power of 1:1 personalized offers

Show every customer that you know their needs and desires

Why Weekly 1:1 Personalized Offers

Weekly 1:1 Personalized Offers are strategically very powerful, as they allow retailers to regularly engage with customers, adapt to each customer’s changing behaviors, and build customer loyalty.

Weekly 1:1 Personalized Offers Strategy

You’re in control, always!  Set your business objective, budget, the number of weekly personalized offers to deliver to each customer, and so much more.


To allow for even more control, you can easily set what products to include / exclude from being promoted.  You set the rules, and we follow them.

AI on Autopilot

Each week, Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered engine continuously automates the delivery of relevant, optimized, and personalized offers for each individual customer to increase purchase frequency, drive upsell, enable switching, and grow the basket and AOV.

Seamless Omnichannel Shopping Experience

The weekly 1:1 Personalized Offers are delivered across channels (online, offline, app, email, SMS), resulting in a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. 

Loyalty Program Tier-based 1:1 Personalized Offers

Elevate your loyalty program and build greater engagement by establishing weekly 1:1 personalized offers strategies unique to each program tier.


For example, for the Platinum tier, you might give members 20 personalized offers per week, with discounts of up to 30%, whereas for the Gold tier, it’s 10 personalized offers per week with discounts of up to 15%.

Adapting to changing customer behaviors and preferences is an imperative.

Week over week, every single customer gives retailers insights into what their needs and preferences are.  Leveraging these insights to deliver weekly 1:1 personalized offers is how retailers can drive engagement and retention. 

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