Real-Time Flash Offers. Personalized to Increase Impulse Buying.

Product recommendations amplified!  


Personalize not only the product recommendations for each individual customer, but also the corresponding discount offered for each product recommended, in real-time.


These flash personalized offers take a “now or never” approach, resulting in an increase in impulse buying, basket size, and AOV.


“Now or Never” real-time 1:1 Personalized Offers to increase impulse buying, basket size, and AOV.

Why Flash sales

Flash sales are known for their urgency, as they are available for a limited duration and encourage customers to make quick decisions.

Real-time Flash 1:1 Personalized Offers

The ability to not only recommend products, but also determine what discounts to offer each customer for these products based on their individual purchasing behavior and willingness to pay, is critical in driving urgency and increasing impulse buying, profitably.


Define when the real-time flash 1:1 personalized offers are triggered (e.g., when a customer visits their bag / shopping cart), and how often to deliver these flash sales.

AI on Autopilot

Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered engine continuously automates the delivery of relevant, optimized, and personalized 1:1 real-time flash offers for each individual customer to increase impulse buying, basket size, and AOV.


The Real-Time Flash 1:1 Personalized Offers solution is currently in closed beta.

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The future of retail is personal. We’re just helping you take it to a whole different level.

Supercharging the product recommendations to include “now or never” 1:1 personalized offers is the ultimate strategy to increase impulse buying, basket size, and AOV.

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