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Deliver Profitable Growth Through 1:1 Personalized Offers

Food prices are at an all-time high due to global inflation, resulting in changes in customer behavior and a loss of brand loyalty. Yet, if managed well, these challenges present new opportunities for Chief Merchandising Officers to increase profitability while meeting customer demands and expectations.


Polymatiks’ AI-powered 1:1 Personalized Offers Platform does exactly that – by continuously determining which set of products and corresponding discounts to offer each customer at every step of their individual journeys. These behavioral offers aim to increase purchase frequency, drive upsell to more premium products, encourage switching to more profitable products, and grow the basket with complimentary products.


Drive re-engagement and retention by delivering 1:1 personalized offers across online, offline, shopping app, email, and SMS to produce a seamless customer experience.

Relevance + Value

Our solutions focus on behavioral offers rather than transactional ones, and that allows us not only to reinforce existing customer behaviors, but also change them over time to make customers more valuable.

Sales Cannibalization

With an assortment comprised of tens of thousands of products, the ability to measure the impact of cannibalization stemming from each discount decision is imperative to driving profitable growth, and we do!

Sales Complementarity
Critical to growing the basket size and AOV of a given customer is our ability to determine what complementary products they might be interested in.
Willingness to pay, by customer and product
An individual customer’s willingness to pay differs by product. Our ability to measure product-level price sensitivities for each customer is fundamental to our success.

Strategy Definitions

Each of our solutions allows you to establish personalized offer strategies that can be set at the banner, store, and / or category levels.  You set the rules, then let our AI-powered predictive engines do the heavy lifting!


Deliver 10 – 30% Increase in Gross Profits

While many grocers have seen their sales increase due to the inflationary environment we’re living in, basket sizes have decreased as customers have become less loyal and shop for value.  We create behavioral offers that not only reinforce existing customer behaviors, but aim to also change customer behaviors over time to make the customers more valuable. In particular, we aim to change 4 different customer behaviors:

Purchase Frequency

Deliver personalized offers on products the customer loves and needs to increase purchase frequency…


Deliver personalized offers on comparable higher-end products that the ones the customer buys…


Deliver personalized offers on substitutable products (e.g., private label) with higher gross profit to those the customer buys…


Deliver personalized offers on complimentary products to those the customer buys to grow the basket and AOV…

all while minimizing the discount offered to each customer based on their individual product-level willingness to pay. After all, you might be price sensitive to chicken, but have no idea what the price of ketchup is.


Unlike every other software vendor, we stand behind our ability to deliver results, and guarantee a positive ROI or your money back.  It’s that simple.

Measuring the incremental value delivered

Through the use of a Pre + Post, Test + Control randomized experimental design, customers randomly selected to be part of the Test group will receive 1:1 personalized offers, while the remaining customers in the Control group will not.  In doing so, we can accurately and quantifiably measure the incremental sales and gross profit delivered solely attributable to Polymatiks.

Minimizing the business risk

Adopting a new solution is not without risk.  However, in implementing Polymatiks, you can establish a Test group comprising a small number of randomly selected customers.  This capability is native in the Polymatiks platform, and is meant to minimize the business risk while assessing the incremental value delivered by Polymatiks.

The future of grocery retail is personal.

Pricing is the final frontier of a personalized shopping experience.  Offer the right products, at the right discounts, at the right time to each customer and unlock the power of your brand.

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