Everyday Pricing that Wins Everyday.

Deliver 3-8% of your revenue directly to your bottom line by developing a holistic regular price strategy and optimizing every product’s price with Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered predictive engine.

Brands trust and use Polymatiks to Increase Sales and Profits

Regular price intelligence

Leverage your regular prices to influence consumer behavior, improve consumer price perception, and increase profits

Regular Price Strategy

Develop a strategy that de-averages category pricing based on role, key benefits, and competition, while also defining price gaps between products within a category.

Regular Price Optimization

Leverage our proprietary AI-powered predictive engine to optimize the regular price of each product based on the regular price strategy developed.


The Regular Price Strategy & Optimization solution is currently in closed beta.

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It all starts with the right pricing foundation.

Having better regular pricing is where it all starts.  Start your journey towards creating greater value for you and your customers.

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