Navigation Fatigue.  Solved.

Reduce navigation fatigue, enhance product discovery, and maximize sales by combining multiple products into a cohesive upsell bundles to give them more of what they want.



Create your own custom upsell bundles, or use Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered predictive engine to personalize the upsell bundles offered to each customer.

Brands trust and use Polymatiks to boost AOV, Conversions, and Sign-ups

The future of Upsell bundles 

Personalize upsell bundles for each unique customer.

Up to 92% increase in AOV

Up to 50% increase in Conversions

80x ROI on Average

Why Upsell Bundles

Research by Shopify suggests that 10-30% of ecommerce revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling via product bundles.

Why Personalized Upsell Bundles

Personalized Upsell Bundles allow you deliver product bundles that are relevant to and optimized for each customer based on their needs and purchasing behavior.

AI-Powered Personalized Upsells

Let our proprietary AI-powered predictive engine determine which upsell products and corresponding discounts to bundle for each customer.

Flexible and Custom Bundling Logic

Set the bundling logic, by defining which products (and corresponding discounts), to include in an upsell bundle.


Define when the upsell bundle is triggered (e.g., when a product within a Collection is added to cart), and how often the upsell popup is displayed to each customer.

Look-and-Feel Customization

Every aspect of the Personalized Upsell Bundles solution is customizable to match your brand. You can easily customize the texts, colors, box styles, etc.


Create unique buying experiences that convert more buyers, unlock additional revenue, and maximize ROI.

Unlock Personalized Upsell Bundles. Instantly.

Leverage Polymatiks’ proprietary AI to deliver Personalized Upsell Bundles that are curated for each customer based on their shopping behavior and needs. Within minutes, you’ll be up and running!

Step 1

Create Upsell campaigns.  Set your own custom upsell bundle logic, or use our proprietary AI-powered predictive engine to personalize each customer’s upsell bundle.

Step 2

Customize every aspect of the upsell bundle pop-up in your Shopify Admin, and deliver a consistent brand experience. 

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and be amazed by the results!

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