The Most Intelligent Offers in The World.  Period.

The world’s most customer-centric brands use Polymatiks to reach the pinnacle of true 1:1 offer personalization – relevant offers to products that meet each customer’s needs and desires, delivered in a floating button that lives on any page

Brands trust and use Polymatiks to boost AOV, Conversions, and Sign-ups

Unlock the power of personalized offers

Show every customer that you know their needs and desires

Why Personalized Offers

Research by Accenture showed that 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers to products that meet their needs and desires

Personalized Offers Strategy​

You’re in control, always!  Set your business objective, the number of personalized offers to deliver to each customer, the maximum discount %s, and so much more.


To allow for even more control, you can easily set what products to include / exclude from being promoted.  You set the rules, and we follow them.

Look-and-Feel Customization

Every aspect of the Floating Button is customizable to match your brand and tone.  You can easily customize the texts, colors, display locations, etc.

AI on Autopilot

Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered predictive engine continuously delivers relevant, optimized, and personalized offers to each customer, and adapts to their changing purchasing behavior.

Marketing Reach

Extend your understanding of your customers and marketing reach by allowing customers to unlock additional personalized offers when they link their Instagram account to their account on your site.


Deliver Personalized Offers.  At Scale.

A truly flexible solution that not only understands what motivates and incents each customer to buy different products and at what discount levels, but also to continuously adapts to customers’ changing behaviors.

Install in minutes, and let Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered prediction engine get to work immediately.  The Personalized Offers live on any page in the Floating Button.

Up to 100% increase in AOV

Up to 50% increase in Sign-Ups

Up to 50% Conversion

Unlock Personalized Offers. Instantly.

Leverage Polymatiks’ proprietary AI-powered prediction engine to continuously deliver offers that are personalized and optimized to each customer.  You’ll be up and running within minutes, and make every customer feel like you know their needs and desires.

Step 1

Set your Personalized Offers strategy.  Pre-populated defaults are set to get you started.

Step 2

Customize every aspect of the Floating Button in your theme.

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and be amazed by the results!

Give your customers the PRICING personalization they deserve

Offer the right products, at the right discounts, at the right time.

The future of online retail is personal.

Pricing is the final frontier of a personalized shopping experience.  Unlock the power of your brand by personalizing pricing for each customer.

Oana Badiceanu | Founder of HoneyLux

“I cannot recommend this app enough!! Fantastic user experience, and helpful customer service. The Polymatiks app really helped our small business with conversions by providing enticing offers with personalized discount codes. This saves us so much time and has encouraged many of our customers to make an account with us!”

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