Hyper-Personalized Emails. Enabled by Email Props.

Hyper-personalize marketing emails with Email PropsTM by embedding each customer-specific personalized offers details.  Leverage pre-built Klaviyo email templates to get you started, and evolve the emails from there.
Brands trust and use Polymatiks to Drive Email Conversions and boost AOV
Hyper-personalized emails enabled by email propsTM
Enrich your omnichannel marketing strategy by delivering an integrated shopping experience

Why Personalized Emails

Research by McKinsey showed that email personalization lowers CAC by up to 50%, improves marketing spending efficiency by 10-30%, and boosts revenue by 5-15%.

Email PropsTM

Email PropsTM allows you to continuously sync each customer’s personalized offer details with Klaviyo, allowing you to hyper-personalize every marketing email sent.

Pre-Built Klaviyo Templates

Pre-built email templates are automatically uploaded in Klaviyo.  Customize the templates or use them as-is, but you can be up and running instantly.

Continuous Synching

As new personalized offers are generated, or customers redeem any of their personalized offers, Email PropsTM continuously syncs these new details with Klaviyo.


Personalized Offers x Klaviyo.  Enabled by Email PropsTM.

Email PropsTM enables continuous synchronization of each customer’s personalized offer details with Klaviyo. 


Hyper-personalize your emails, and deliver an omnichannel marketing strategy that converts customers.


Revenue per email recipient


Placed order rate


Email open rate


SeaMoss Blends leverages Email PropsTM to increase revenue per email recipient by 177%

SeaMoss Blends uses Polymatiks’ Personalized Offers: Floating Button solution and Email PropsTM to take email personalization to the next level.  This resulted in a substantial increase in revenue per email recipient and customer engagement.

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