Palm Bites partners with Polymatiks to increase AOV by 111% for first-time customers and 147% for returning ones

Palm Bites partners with Polymatiks to deliver personalized offers and sees a substantial increase in AOV and new customer account sign-ups.​

AOV +111%
For First-time Customers

AOV +147%
For Returning Customers

Customer Sign-ups

About Palm Bites

Palm Bites is a gourmet dates and desserts brand elevating the dates experience by adding the finest chocolate and roasted nuts to make the best date products in the market. 


Palm Bites, along with every other retail brand, has been facing rising customer acquisition costs and low conversion rates. In an effort to combat these headwinds, the Palm Bites founders were looking for a solution that can help them:


  • Increase AOV, for both first time and returning customers;
  • Reduce their reliance on mass promotions to drive sales; and
  • Deliver a more personalized customer experience.


For Palm Bites, the name of the game was “simplicity” and “personalization”. “Simplicity” in two ways, 1) in the setup and use of the app, and 2) in the customer experience that would be delivered. “Personalization” in making customers feel special and valued, and drive engagement and loyalty.


The founders embarked on a journey to find a solution that can meet their needs, and through word-of-mouth, they were introduced to Polymatiks (as of the writing of this case study, the Polymatiks app was in closed-beta and not publicly available on the Shopify App store). The rest is history!


Through the Polymatiks app, Palm Bites delivers personalized offers that are curated to each customer based on their behavior.


As part of its personalized offers strategy, Palm Bites:


  • Delivers 3 personalized offers, per week, per customer
  • Allows customers to link their Instagram account to their Palm Bites account, and incentivizes them to do so by unlocking additional personalized offers
  • Has customized the look-and-feel of the Polymatiks widget to match their branding

The customization of their personalized offers strategy didn’t end there. In particular, Palm Bites also set:


  • Its overall business objective, and whether they are looking to maximize revenue and / or margin;
  • The minimum margin % to achieve on each product;
  • The maximum discount % to offer on any given product; and
  • So much more!


Having partnered with Polymatiks since July 2022, Palm Bites has more effectively offset the rising customer acquisition costs and low conversion rates. Plus, Palm Bites has set itself apart by delivering a seamless personalized customer experience.

Palm Bites saw a 111% increase in AOV from first-time customers, a 147% increase in AOV from returning customers, and a 48% increase in customer sign-ups!


Want to see how Polymatiks works? Click here to book your demo or email us at info@polymatiks.ai.


Visit the Palm Bites online store here, and enjoy some delicious chocolate-covered dates!


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